Hens Party

Make your hens party a night you won't forget starting from the moment you board our Pink Party Bus. Your safety is our priority, that's why all our party buses are fitted with security cameras and GPS tracking for peace of mind.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday on Pink Party Bus, party on the bus, sing to your favourite songs, have fun while we get you to your destination.

School Formals

Rock up to your school formal in style and be envied by your classmates. Make an event you'll never forget. Get the music going and dance to your own playlist. We have LED & laser lights, moon lights to set the scene.

Corporate Events

Got a work function where you need to transfer staff or clients? Get them on our pink party bus, they'll have so much fun it'll make team building an ease.

Sporting Events

Avoid the chaos of trying to drive through crowds, looking for parking spaces and the nightmare of traffic during major races or sporting events. Party on Pink Party Bus to your race or sporting venue and don't stress.

Music Festivals

Our Pink Party Buses are often booked out months in advance for major festivals. If you want to beat the crowd and traffic and all the hassles in trying to get to the venue, book your pink party bus but book early.

Night Clubbing

When going night clubbing with friends, no one wants to be the person who has to remain sober and volunteer as the designated driver. What fun is that. Everyone should be having a great night out and what's clubbing if you can't drink. With Pink Party Bus, you all can enjoy a few drinks, even on the way to the night club.

Social Parties

No matter the occasion, if you're planning to go out in a large group, hiring a party bus is the way to go. No need for having to look for parking in a busy location, no waiting around for late comers and you get to enjoy each other's company sooner and party on the bus.

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